Increase the amount of juice extracted with juiceCEPT®.

  • More juice
  • Improved quality using less energy
  • Streamline extraction process

juiceCEPT® for more juice

juiceCEPT® assists you in streamlining the extraction process when pressing fruit, berries, and vegetables. In addition to quantitative increase, vital nutrients and vitamins are also increased.

Color and aroma are improved and the juice gets an increased feeling of freshness. Leaving you with higher volumes of each processed fruit but also of higher quality.

The heat effect of the treatment is low and heating of the juice is limited to only 1-3 ° Celsius.

The treatment is continuous and easy to retrofit into existing extraction lines.

With juiceCEPT® installed it is possible to:

  • Improve extraction by micro-scale destruction of cell membranes of the mashed raw material like fruits, berries, and vegetables. 
  • Boost cellular release of minerals, vitamins, colors compounds, and other micronutrients enhancing quality substantially.


1 %
Up to 20 % increased yield
0 °
Heating below 3 degrees
1 %
Up to 40 % savings

+ 4 - 20 % Increased juice yielD

The juiceCEPT® offers increased extraction of 4% to 20% yield with the same amount of raw material.

Low energy consumption

The technology is energy efficient and barely heats the product.


Increased quality in: taste, color and nutrition


User-friendly modes of operation

The juiceCEPT® is operated via controlCEPT, prepared for customer-based digital start/stop signals or complete integration to end-users´ PLC systems.

In-line installation

A continuous (in-line) process.


Paying cognisance to scalability of CEPT platform, the system treatment capacity can be increased easily by parallel installation.

Further juicy details about juiceCEPT® ?

Download the product sheet for more detailed information on what benefits the juiceCEPT® system will have on your juice production. 

juiceCEPT® - How it works

In this video you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the feature and functions of juiceCEPT®. Have a look – we think you might be surprised on how easily it’s installed, how little space it demands and the fact that you do not need to choose to use glass, carton or plastic – it works perfectly with all.

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