Extended shelf life with minimal heat impact.

• Longer shelf life
• Improved quality using less energy
• Better product planning
• Extending market reach

Extended shelf-life and increased market reach with juiceCEPT+® 

juiceCEPT+® is an application developed for the juice industry. Designed for increased durability with minimal heat impact.

We have more than doubled the shelf life of freshly squeezed quality juices while maintaining freshness and fruitiness.

Different treatments are done depending on the juice’s pH and conductivity.

juiceCEPT+® comes with automated software and hardware that ensures that all juice in production is treated homogeneously. 

Extended shelf life leads to large savings in production and distribution. As a producer, you now have the ability to easily expand your sales network. Large efficiency savings in the manufacturing process (“do not have to press every day”).

Opportunity for increased market coverage through the extended shelf-life contributes to positive customer value.

The financial benefits for a juice producer is a return on investment between 1-2 years.


Extended shelf-life up to 10 times

Up to 10 times increased shelf-life

Extended shelf life leads to large savings in production and distribution.

Low energy consumption

The technology is energy efficient and barely heats the product.

Increased nutritional value



Better organoleptic profile

such as taste, smell, aroma, freshness and colour

User friendly operation

Operated via controlCEPT, a Siemens based PLC system, prepared for customer-based digital start/stop signals or complete integration to end-users´ PLC systems.


An increased number of units will multiply the flow rate with the same number.

Further juicy details about juiceCEPT+® ?

Download the product sheet for more detailed information on what benefits the juiceCEPT+® system will have on your juice production. 

juiceCEPT+® - How it works

In this video you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the feature and functions of juiceCEPT+. Have a look – we think you might be surprised on how easily it’s installed, how little space it demands and that fact that you do not need to choose to use glass, carton or plastic – it works perfectly with all.

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