Increased extraction of EVOO yield and improved quality at Oleificio Conti (Video)

Learn more about how the production of EVOO where improved with oliveCEPT at the Italian producer Conti.


At Olio Conti in Vallo Della Lucania in Campania, Southeastern Italy, they’ve been producing olive oil since 1842(!). Emilio Conti, quality manager at Frantoio Conti talks about how the oliveCEPT® affects their olive oil production, making olive oil with higher yield and better quality.

We have confirmed the results, a yield in oil from 4 to 6% more, a better quality of our oil extracted as it increases the color of the oil. So if we have a green it’s a more intense green, if we have a yellow we have a more intense yellow.

As Emilio Conti mentioned in the video –  oliveCEPT® is very easy to use and easy to get started with, practically nothing has to be done. Just turn on and activate. He also mentioned that installation was not complicated and that the machine occupies very little space (800x1000x2000 mm).

In conclusion – Olio Conti has managed to achieve the following with oliveCEPT installed to their production line:

  • 4-6 % increase of yield
  • Increased fruitiness
  • No change in acidity
  • Increase of polyphenols (100 to 150 ppm)

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