More olive oil at better quality

oliveCEPT® is a machine and technology that integrates into the traditional olive oil processing line to increase EVOO extraction and quality. Efficiency, maximum performance, and superior olive oil quality are improvements secured by oliveCEPT®.

oliveCEPT® - retrofitted technology for quality olive oil producers

Upgrading a traditional extraction line with oliveCEPT®  is the major optimization step for improving production efficiency and olive oil quality. Oil yield volumes are secured and further optimized. The oliveCEPT® deploys a pre-treatment to olive paste in extra virgin olive oil production (EVOO) that improves both the quality of the product and increases extracted EVOO yield.

Up to 15% increased EVOO yield
1 %
Reduced extraction time
1 %
increase of quality compounds
1 %

Increased EVOO yield

The oliveCEPT® offers significantly increased extraction yield with the same amount of raw material. Secured extraction volume and improved oil yield.

Improved Quality

Increase of polyphenols and other quality compounds. Improved taste, color and nutrition. Reduced oxidation and better oil stability.

Better Efficiency

Reduced operational cost and improved productivity. Reduced malaxation volume – less malaxers. Increased production volume during the same time

Calculate your own return on investment

We want to make it easy for you to understand what positive impact the oliveCEPT® application could have on your EVOO production. Try our oliveCEPT® calculator now and get a result in no time. 

How does the oliveCEPT® work?

The pre-treatment of olive paste is based on PEF (pulsed electric fields). OptiCept has refined and developed the technology to extreme efficiency. The patented CEPT® platform is a high voltage generator combined with treatment chambers. 

The basic principle of the technology is the application of short square wave pulses of high voltage that generate very high electric fields. Due to the short pulses of microsecond magnitude, excessive heating and undesirable electrolytic reactions are minimized.

The integration of oliveCEPT® is made in the initial stage of the process, right after the crusher, before malaxation, and has a very small footprint. 

The electric pulses are optimized to release the maximum amount of oil without applying any heat.  As the olive paste passes through the treatment chamber the pulses create pores in the cell membrane.

Processing temperature and malaxing time can be reduced to absolutely minimum values which enable real cold milling and a continuous production process. oliveCEPT® releases more oil at any temperature, this offers the miller flexibility to adjust malaxing time according to the specific characteristics of the local olives and the targeted quality standards of the olive oil produced.

oliveCEPT® therefore, when installed right after the crusher, reduces the total malaxing time by 50 %, olive paste is held in the malaxer only for as long as proper coalescence is achieved. 

Naturally, less malaxing volume is needed and the number of malaxing units can be reduced by half.

For small-scale, mid-sized and large olive oil producers

oliveCEPT is available in models tailored for production lines with capacities from 0,5 – 10 t/h. Download the product sheet to understand which model is suitable for your production, or contact us for a quote.


More about oliveCEPT®

Have a look at this short video below to get a better understanding of how the technology is implemented in an olive oil production line.

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