Innovative Technology that Boosts the Freshness of Flowers

  • Longer vaselife of the flowers
  • Better opening rate
  • Enhanced colouring of the flower as well as greener leaves

The flower with improved quality that stays fresh for days longer 

Cut flowers that have been treated with the OptiBoost™ technology gain several advantages. The most prominent one is that the life expectancy of the flowers is increased through technology.

After the process, they are boosted with energy and natural ingredients which makes them stay fresh longer in the vase. An OptiBoosted flower looks better for a longer time!

Flower species have different strengths and vase lives. Even rose varieties differ in terms of quality and vase life.

Transportation, handling, and storage conditions are all factors that affect the difference in quality from week to week. So, what can we expect from OptiBoost™?

OptiBoost™ treatment makes a significant improvement.

The OptiBoost™ method impregnates natural ingredients into the flower’s stem and green leaves. The technology and the machine, used during the process are unique and designed for treating plant materials like cut flowers and flower cuttings.


1 %
Longer consumer vase life – a minimum increase of 50 %
1 %
Up to 36 % sales increase


Better opening

Fresher green leaves

Better color

Longer vase life – an average increase of 50 %

less waste

option of dry transportation

more flexible handling for wholesalers

Extended warehousing with freshness intact

Further details about OptiBoost® ?

Download the product sheet for more detailed information on what benefits the OptiBoost® system will have on your Cut flowers. 

What to expect from OptiBoost treated flowers?

Have a look at the video below to understand how the technology works and what impact it has on the entire flower industry.

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