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ArcAromas CEPT® technology offers unique opportunities to moderate the process of the raw material with results as optimization of viscosity, control, and the slow down enzymes for less glucose with several properties of the product. Learn more about the benefits of CEPT® in different commodities below.

Application Areas

Your CEPT® platform easily plugs into existing production lines with minimum downtime and intervention. CEPT® technology is extremely energy efficient. Have a look at the range of the technology below. Can’t find your working area? Send us an e-mail and let’s develop a solution.

Food Oils

Significant improvement is achieved using CEPT® technology in food oils. With the oliveCEPT® system - results of great importance have been reached for numerous olive oil producers. Including increased yield, improved production efficiency, and enhanced quality.


The juiceCEPT® deploys technology for juice production that improves the yield, quality, and shelf-life of the extracted juice. The treatment is continuous and easy to retrofit into existing juice extraction lines.


Within the dairy industry, considerable improvements can be made in processing whey, cheese, milk, and liquid eggs. Enabling a more efficient production.


Create a wine richer of Phenolic compounds (Anthocyanins, polyphenolic monomers, tannins, pigmented polymers - CI +28%) and reduce the maceration time in vinification. Continuous flow process that can treat up to 6 ton/hour for industrial scale.

Plant-based Milk

with the CEPT® technology applied to your production of plant milk, a more streamlined process will be achieved. Decrease energy consumption, increase shelf-life, and improve quality.


There are huge advantages of using CEPT compared with thermal processing when it comes to beer production. Increase both flavor and sensory factors and shelf-life.


Insights - More about CEPT® technology

Get further insights into the world of Chambered electric pulsed fields technology. Learn from customer cases, articles, videos and news.

Increased yield and improved quality at Olio Conti (Video)

At Olio Conti in Valla Della Luciana in Campania, Southeastern Italy, they’ve been producing olive oil since 1842(!). Emilio Conti, quality manager at Frantoio Conti talks about how the oliveCEPT® affects their olive oil production, making olive oil with higher yield and better quality.


10 % increased extraction of EVOO yield, 50 % reduced extraction time at Agioi Apostoloi (Video)

Have a look inside one of Greece’s most modern olive oil mills where we set up an oliveCEPT to help boost their production – with great results!